Mom deserves the best (you'll pick up some brownie points, too!)

We know you love your Mom. She's always there when you need her, she let's you know when you're out of line (only because she cares!), and her cooking is out of this world. Okay, so not every Mom is a 5 star chef, but she taught you all she knows and you've got to give her credit for that.

So how do you show her that you appreciate everything she's done for you? Don't worry, we're here to help! Give her a little lived in luxury this year on Mother's day.

Here's a few of our favorite Apotheke picks your Mom will absolutely adore.


French Lavender Candle

Give Mom a reason to take some time off. Pair this with a good read (pick up The Handmaid's Tale to prep her for the just released Hulu series!) and she'll thank you for the chance to kick her feet up and relax.

Calming lavender is combined with immortelle and subtle sandalwood to create a soothing and pleasant floral environment, our French Lavender is a twist on a classic scent. 


Jasmine Clementine Reed Diffuser

For a little less upkeep for the Mom that's always on the go, our reed diffusers give all the atmosphere. Flip the reeds before running out the door and come home to a refreshed & relaxing space.

Luxurious jasmine is combined with sweet lilac, amber, and a tinge of clementine for a floral bouquet complimented by clean citrus, our Jasmine Clementine gives a fresh take on a summer garden fragrance. 


Rosebud Oud Shea Butter

The perfect size gift to grab & go, our shea butters are 3.2 oz (TSA safe!).  She'll love how silky smooth her skin will feel, completely nourished with our fast-absorbing shea and natural ingredients.

Rosebud Oud is a blend of rosewater, peony, and white rose petals with tonka and oud, as well as gentle hints of raspberry and pink grapefruit. You've never smelled a rose garden like this before.


No matter if Mom loves floral, citrus, or earthy fragrances, give her a little luxury this Mother's Day. We'll even help out with 20% off and free shipping* on all orders until May 14th. Just use code MOMSFAVE and select Mother's Day Free Shipping at checkout.


*Free shipping only valid on orders with standard shipping to the contiguous US. 

Candle Care 101

If you're anything like us, you're candle obsessed. It's okay, we're a welcoming group of little flame lovers. But when it comes to caring for these lit up beauties, how much do you really know? Of course attention is key when it comes to an open flame, but there's a bit more than meets the eye to keeping your candle burning at it's best.

We've gathered our tips and tricks of the trade to help you make your favorite Apotheke candles last and last.

1. First and foremost. Trim. Your. Wicks. We know when you want to light up your Sea Salt Grapefruit candle, you want to smell that sweet citrus scent, and you want it now! But taking a moment to trim that wick to 1/8" is going to help your candle burn a little bit slower and a little bit longer. Make sure you're doing this when the candle wax is solid, right before you light it. Discard those trimming in the trash and make sure none land in the glass! Those little flammable dots need to be kicked out for good.


2.  You're gonna want to light your candle up all the time, day or night. However, you should keep Apotheke candles lit for at least 2-3 hours (however long it takes to melt to the edge completely) every time you burn it, especially for the first burn, to prevent tunneling. If you don't you run the risk of burning straight down the center of the candle and missing out on precious hours of fabulous fragrance.

3.  That being said, don't burn your candle for too long either! 5-6 hours is plenty of time to fill your home with the scents you love. Any longer and your candle may get too hot and the wick may get too long. Put that flame out and let your candle solidify before trimming and lighting again.

4. Last but definitely not least, after your long love affair with your Apotheke candle, once there's less than 1/4" of wax left in the glass it's time to let go. Industry standard safety measures suggest not burning any candle all the way to the bottom of the vessel, and Apotheke is no different. We know, it's hard to come to terms with losing your favorite scent, but consider it an opportunity to give something new a try (have you seen our newest, Rosebud Oud? Holy Florals!) Of course, you could always re-kindle your love of the classics like Woods or Bamboo.

It may seem like a lot for candle care, but trust us, these little tips are going to make you and your wax happy :) 

P.S. If you're looking for a little more low maintenance in your life, check out our Reed Diffusers. You can get all of your favorite Apotheke Collection scents with none of the worry!

The Williamsburg Hotel

The Williamsburg Hotel is one of the most eagerly awaited hotel openings New York has seen and they were generous enough to invite us for a night’s stay during their Friends & Family week just before the New Year. Apotheke’s own Graphic Designer, Christina, visited the four star hotel to share the experience with us.

As you walk down North 10th Street towards the East River, The Williamsburg Hotel stands out from the crowd with its beautifully lit brickwork typography and unique water-tower bar set above its slim silhouette. The details of the building catch your eyes and draw you in through the double doors and into the hotel. Light streams in the open air lobby as you’re greeted by the friendly staff. Checking in was a breeze and Christina, the front desk associate, was kind enough to show me up to my room.


With enormous glass doors that open out to a stunning view of Brooklyn, I felt right at home in the bright and cheery room. Truly, it was hard for me to stop myself from lying right down on the big inviting bed before taking photos! The stunning aqua tile in the bath, visible from everywhere in the room thanks to its unique layout, is accented perfectly by the gold fixtures.

We were thrilled at Apotheke to be able to collaborate with The Williamsburg Hotel to create a line of custom designed amenities. If you’re looking for a hotel that makes you feel like you’re in the coolest Brooklyn loft ever, this is it. Design that combines light and dark in the coziest way, and the hospitality to match, the hotel is the perfect place to lay your head while exploring Brooklyn’s coolest neighborhood. I will most definitely be back when Harvey, the hotel’s highly anticipated restaurant, and the rooftop water-tower bar are open.