The Williamsburg Hotel

The Williamsburg Hotel is one of the most eagerly awaited hotel openings New York has seen and they were generous enough to invite us for a night’s stay during their Friends & Family week just before the New Year. Apotheke’s own Graphic Designer, Christina, visited the four star hotel to share the experience with us.

As you walk down North 10th Street towards the East River, The Williamsburg Hotel stands out from the crowd with its beautifully lit brickwork typography and unique water-tower bar set above its slim silhouette. The details of the building catch your eyes and draw you in through the double doors and into the hotel. Light streams in the open air lobby as you’re greeted by the friendly staff. Checking in was a breeze and Christina, the front desk associate, was kind enough to show me up to my room.


With enormous glass doors that open out to a stunning view of Brooklyn, I felt right at home in the bright and cheery room. Truly, it was hard for me to stop myself from lying right down on the big inviting bed before taking photos! The stunning aqua tile in the bath, visible from everywhere in the room thanks to its unique layout, is accented perfectly by the gold fixtures.

We were thrilled at Apotheke to be able to collaborate with The Williamsburg Hotel to create a line of custom designed amenities. If you’re looking for a hotel that makes you feel like you’re in the coolest Brooklyn loft ever, this is it. Design that combines light and dark in the coziest way, and the hospitality to match, the hotel is the perfect place to lay your head while exploring Brooklyn’s coolest neighborhood. I will most definitely be back when Harvey, the hotel’s highly anticipated restaurant, and the rooftop water-tower bar are open.