When we decided to do a spring/summer shoot for our newest campaign we couldn't think of anyone we would rather collaborate with than PINE NY. 

Chelsea is one of our favorite emerging floral designers in our little city of NYC and we couldn't wait to see what she and our Creative Director could put together. So have a look at some behind the scenes photos and a quick interview that gives some beautiful insight into her life, her inspiration, and advice for all those women out there that need a little bit of hope to pursue their dreams. 

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photo cred: Rebecca Alaniz




Name: Chelsea Neff


Favorite late night snack: Frozen grapes


What is the song you listen to when you just need a pick me up: A new favorite... ‘Lose Control’ by Le Voyageur


How did you fall in love with floral styling? 

Discovering the stems that I had never seen before did the trick. The new york market can truly make you dream. I’ll never forget my first time walking that block - the colors, odd shapes and tropical textures pulled me into creating my business, Pine NY - I wanted everyone else to see the florals I was seeing. I wanted to bring a new sense of architectural style to “floral design”. 


What is your earliest memory of gardening/florals? 

My aunt Sheri always had a garden growing up. She lived down the street from us and would give me a basket when I was little to pick some of my own colorful stems. Spring time in her backyard was a dream. 


When we asked you to collab on our next shoot - what inspired you to choose the florals you chose? 

I thought about how each scent made me feel - along with the ingredients included in the candles. For instance, I wanted to bring the fresh outdoors feeling for the Apotheke “Bamboo” scent, since it’s such a clean scent. So we built a mini wall out of wet moss, causing the viewer to sense something refreshing and clean. 






What is your fave Apotheke scent and why? 

The charcoal candle 100%! My husband and I got married in November of 2016, and it was the first candle we lit in our new home together. It’s smoky with a hint of amber (my fave) and reminds me of snowy winter days, sitting by the fire. And the candle is black! So that’s pretty cool too. 



What are your top three lessons that you have learned since starting your own business?

  1. Don’t take yourself too seriously, have fun!
  2. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, that’s how you learn and grow (to be a better florist)
  3. I started my business truly not knowing much about flowers, I just had “an eye” for it. What helped me get to where I am today is not being afraid to ask questions to those eager to help around me. I asked dozens of questions in order to learn how to do it best. 



Any advice to pass on to younger generations of women? 

Dream big! I constantly am pushing myself to keep dreaming. My business is great but it’s truly just begun. There is always more. If you have a dream in your heart, start by writing it all out in a journal... What you want to accomplish, why, and set goals to get started! 




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photo cred: Rebecca Alaniz

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