Roller Ball Set of 5 fragrances

Roller Ball Set of 5 fragrances


.33 fl oz

Indulge in the ultimate scent experience. 

Get all five of our best selling perfume oil roller balls to mix/match and experiment with. Our fragrances are infused into an all natural oil to not only last longer but moisturize. 

Flower Shop

The feminine spirit encompassed in this perfect combination of florals devoted to the classic chis while remaining strong and absolute.

White Vetiver

Take a walk on the darker side with the ultimate fresh woody scent influenced by all that is adventurous and alluring.

Sunday Soul

Inspired by the moments spent in contemplation and meditation. The ideal combination to you down to the very soul.


Motivated by the strength of the ocean and the purity of its water, a fragrance that brings unfaltering clarity amidst a broody ambiance.

Wild Fig

Inspired by a life untamed throw doubt aside with this sweet and lush fragrance, chasing the wind wherever it may take you.






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